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A list of links to resources for a variety of RPGs I like.


One of the oldest and most well known RPGs around. Traveller is a (relatively) hard science fiction RPG first published by Game Designer's Workshop in 1977.


One of the oldest and most well known RPGs around. Traveller is a (relatively) hard science fiction RPG first published by Game Designer's Workshop in 1977.

General Resources

Far Future Enterprises - publisher, sucessor to GDW

Mongoose Traveller - licensed publisher of Traveller

Traveller 5

The Traveller SRD

Mongoose's Traveller SRD

The Traveller Map

Traveller Library Data

Traveller RPG Wiki

Freelance Traveller

The Zhodani Base

British Isles Traveller Support (BITS)

The Great TML Landgrab

Amber Zone


Citizens of the Imperium

Mongoose Publishing's Traveller forum

SJGames GURPS Traveller Subforum


Traveller RPG Facebook Page

Classic Traveller Facebook Page

Blogs and Other Websites

Yet Another Traveller Blog

Mark Munson's Traveller Page

Downport Web Portal

Epic Saving Throw's Traveller Material

Epic Saving Throw's Fast Traveller 2.0 - The Traveller Universe at a Glance

Traveller Central

High Tortuga - piracy focused

Halfway Station Blog - 2nd version of Andy Slack's (long time writer on Traveller) old Traveller page

Halfway Station 3.0 - - 2nd version of Andy Slack's old Traveller page

Stuff Online

Beowolf Down

Traveller Tools - several assorted generator tools

Traveller Illustrated

The Reavers' Deep Project

The Traveller Republic

Imperial Interstellar Scout Service

United Worlds Commonwealth

Waystar High Port

David Billinghurst's Traveller Page

Cynthia's Traveller Archive

Gearhead and Proud

MegaTrave Materials

Kasota Base

Space Vermin

Draconis Cluster

Missouri Archive

Paolo Marino's Traveller Page

David Blustein's Traveller Page

Mark Marchi's Traveller Page

The Cluster Campaign

Used Starships - a campaign website

Dream Ticket - mercenary based Traveller and Striker material

Collection of Signal GK fanzine

Welcome to the Carnival

Frontier Explorer

My Traveller Universe

Traveller CT Blog

Spinward Scout's Way Sytation

Traveller High Society

Ancient Faith in the Far Future

Traveller out of the Box

Across The Spinward Main

Traveller News Service (SJGames)

Shan's New Traveller Archive

Traveller Infodata Library

Great Dungeon of the North

Traveller Tools and Generators

Word Generator - generates words in various Traveller alien languages

Subsector Generator

Donjon's System Generator

Phil's System Generator

Zhodani Space Generators

Vandeet's Ref Tools - assorted Traveller (and other SF game) tools

T-5 System Generator

Traveller Character Generators



Mongoose 1st ed.

1,000,001 Characters - Cepheus Engine Character Generator

Empire of the Petal Throne/Tekumel

Second published RPG after the original old D&D, and famous for the extensive world building of the author M.A.R. "Phil" Barker. Barker has been called "the forgotten Tolkien", with good reason. The world is Tékumel, and the game is known as The Empire of the Petal Throne, often shortened to EPT, which is also the

Tékumel: The World of the Petal Throne - official website, run by the Tékumel Foundation

Tékumel Forums

The Tékumel Foundation - dedicated to sharing, supporting, and preserving Barker's work

"Gamers Mourn 'Lost Tolkien' M.A.R. Barker" - Wired magazine's obituary

The Tékumel Foundation's Blog

Brett Slocum's Tékumel Page - oldest online EPT resource

The Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends - Brett Slocum's other EPT page

Skein Of Destiny - Tekumel News

What do you do in Tékumel? - blog covering actual play of EPT

The Tékumel Project

The High Reaches of Kilalámmu

Jakalla Nights - defunct (?) campaign set in the city of Jakalla

Pagálnikèlikh gàQadóshumashumámrakoi: The Discernment of the Dual Dais


The Hill Cantons

Heros of the Age

The Slayers of Ssü

The Fate of Tékumel - EPT for the FATE RPG

Tékumel Collecting

ODD Forum's EPT Forum

The Tékumel Club

Call of Cthulhu (YSDC) - website for to both the works H.P. Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu and associated games. Includes a large forum, wiki, and extensive archive of materials.

Delta Green

Delta Green was originally, an alternate setting/sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu, now it's a stand alone associated game.

The Fairfield Project

The Green Box Generator -

With Honor, But Without Glory

. ASMRB's Delta Green Page

Delta Green Need to Know

Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green Tools

Delta Green Greenbox Generator - for the RPG Delta Green

Dholes House - assortment of generators for The Call of Cthulhu RPG, including characters

D20 Character Generator

Cyberpunk 2020

Datafortess 2020

Blackhammer Cyberpunk Project

Mockery's Cyberpunk 2020 Page


Knighthawk's Cyberpunk Archive

Night City 2030

Neon Twilight

WaybackMachine's Archive of Dark Age

BHP's Archive of Dark Age

Dead Channel

Rust Never Sleeps



Shadowrun Expansions

Twilight Run

Shadowrun Wiki

Shadowrun Fan Page

Home of Shadows - Brimber's Shadowrun Page

Twilight 2000

A 1980s RPG of the cold war gone hot. The original setting was a WP vs NATO war starting between the two Germanys in 1995 and escalating to a limited nuclear exchange before the eventual collapse of the major combatants in mid 2000. Two later editions updated the setting. Often shrortened to "T2K".

Paul Mulcahy’s T2K Pages - one of the best T2K pages around, extensive listings for gear, weapons, and vehicles

Mitch Berg's T2K Character Generation Pages

Loonz's T2K Pages

Chico's T2K File Dump

Jed McClure's Old School Polish Sandbox

Twilight 2000: Our Poland Campaign and Beyond Blog

The Savant's Rants - gaming blog, with several good posts on T2K

500 Miles to the German Border - focused on minis and model building.

Dave's T2K Files

James Langham’s The Twilight War 1995-

Juhlin Forums - T2Kforums, also The Morrow Project and 2300 AD

Twilight 2000: Later Days - campaign blog

Dark Conspiracy

A 90s near future action-horror monster hunting game, with conspiracy and cyberpunk elements, originally published by GDW.

Lester Smith - game designer and author

Speedbump's Dark Conspiracy Page

Mike Marchi's Dark Conspiracy Page

RAGG's Dark Conspiracy Page

Demonground Magazine

Dark Conspiracy London

Dark Conspiracy Info

The Dark Times - fanzine

Protodimesnion - fanzine

The Weirding's Dark Conspiracy Page

Into the Darkness

The Morrow Project

An early post-apocalyptic RPG - mystery man Bruce Morrow's plan for post WWIII emergency operations and reconstruction infrastructure.

The Supply Bunker

Loonz's TMP Page


The Wyoming Morrow Project Page

Dave's Morrow Project Files

PA Media's TMP Page

Morrow Project Ideas


Morrow Project Recon Team CA-4

FL-35 Morrow Project Game

Morrow Project North

TechnoVampire's TMPPage

Cold North

Juhlin TMP Forum

2300 AD

A hard SF gameset in the 24th C. and sharing a backstory with Twilight 2000.

Ben's RPG (mostly 2300) Old Fashioned Homemade Sourcebook Pages

Andy Brick's 2300 AD Page

Pentapod's World

Web Archive of One Man's View of 2300

2300 AD Great Game

Etranger: The Military in 2300 AD

Andy Slack's Halfway Station 3.0

Andy Slack's Halfway Station 2

Tirane Sourcebook

Azania in 2300AD

Steven Alexander's Great Game Page

Thomas Sewell's 2300 AD/T2K Page

Eclipse Phase

A more recent SF transhumanist RPG

Rob Boyle's Eclipse Phase Blog

Rob Boyle's Downloads of Eclipse Phase PDFs (released under creative commons liscence)

Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki

Mephit James's Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase Fanfic

Other Games

Blue Planet- an environmental SF RPG set on a water planet.
Blue Dive

GURPS Blue Planet

Space Opera - an old SF RPG with a reputation for complexity.

Blades in the Dark - a narratively focused RPG of criminals in a steampunk fantasy world
Blades in the Dark

Aftermath! - one of the earliest post-apocalyptic RPGs

Free RPGs

The Window



Fudge Transhuman space

John H. Kim's Index of Free RPGs

Free Diceless Roleplaying Games Listing

RPG Resources

Some Websites of Note

The Forge

RPG Geek


FATAL & Friends

Pen & Paper

En World - Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News (and Forums)

Ennie Awards

Publishers, Plus Some Assorted Retailers

Far Future Enterprises - publisher, sucessor to GDW

Mongoose Traveller - licensed publisher of Traveller

Traveller 5

Chaosium - publisher of Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, and other great games

Delta Green - website of the Delta Green Partnership

Arc Dream Publishing - publishers of the most recent editions

Pelgrane Press - publishers of the Fall of Delta Green game

Clockwork Publishing - current publishers of Dark Conspiracy

Timeline Ltd - publisher of The Morrow Project

Steve Jackson Games - publisher of GURPS and other fine games

Fantasy Fames Unlimited

Drive Thru RPG

The Shop On The Borderlnds - a UK shop with an extensive collection of new and used RPGs

Multiverse Comics and Games - my local friendly game store.

(Note that inclusion here of retail shops does not signify any endorsement.)

TV Tropes TTRPGs

Personal Pages and Blogs

Roleplaying Resources

John H. Kim's RPG Page

Places to Go, People to Be

RPG Resource

Bella Online's RPG Essays

The Realm of Roleplay

RPG Athenaeum

Roleplaying Tips

Of Dice and Dragons


Elfmaids and Octopi

The Alexandrian

Grognardia Games

Newbie DM

Rich Staat's Page

Goblin Punch

Loonz's RPG Resources Page - mostly links to military information

Refereeing and Reflection
Running tabletop RPGs and working out what I did wrong afterwards.

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

Sandbox of Doom - Traveller and EPT blog

Tales to Astound

The Dream Forge

Twilight of the GM

101 Tips for Running CoC

Wizardawn A Grognard's Notebook

Game Design and Theory Resources

RPG Design Handbook

John H. Kim's collection of essays on role-playing game system design

The Ten Principles for Good Design, Part 1

The Ten Principles for Good Design, Part 2

Sinister Design - indy game design studio site and blog, frequently has good pieces on game design

Game Design Concepts - a short web based game design course

Archive of RPG Design and Mechanics at therpgsite

The Forge's Collection of RPG Articles

The Free RPG Blog's Guide to Creating Your Own RPG

Design Patterns in Role Playing Games (download)

RPG Patterns

A Glossary for Pen and Paper Role Playing Games

A small collection of essays on RPG design by Atticus Evil

Socratic Design - RPG design and theory blog

Mythcreants - RPG, SF, and writing blog

The Alexandrian blog

Gamemastery 101

Stonemaier Games's How to Design a Tabletop Game

Board Game Design Lab's Design Theory

So You Want To Be A Tabletop Game Designer…

How To Make A Tabletop Game - a guide to ideating, developing, and publishing a game independently, written and illustrated by Adi Slepack.

A Game Designers Library – 14 Books You Should Read

League of Gamemakers

Statistics, Probability, Randomness, and Dice Resources

Dice Probability Calculator

Math World's Page on Dice

Permutations and Combinations

Any Dice - probability calculator and dice roller - assortment of random number generators and information on randomization and statistics

WotC Dice Roller

Random Dice Roller

Roll Dice Online

Troll Dice Roller And Probability Calculator

RPG Forums Forum

Giant in the Playground Forum

The RPG Site

The Forge Forums

BRP Central

RPG Comics and Humor

Geeks Next Door

Knights of the Dinner Table

Wormy - old comic strip that ran in Dragon Magazine from 1977 until 1988

DM of the Rings - Tolkien's LoitR as a D&D campaign

Order of the Stick

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