Information About Go/Igo/Wei Qi/Paduk

Go Federations and Associations

International Go Federation

Nihon Ki-in

Chinese Wei Qi Association (in Chinese only)

American Go Association

European Go Federation

British Go Association

Go Rules

AGA Consise Rules

Sensei's Rules

AGA's Collection of Rules

Nihon Ki-in 1989 Revised Rules

Chinese Wei Qi Association 1988 Rules

World of Abstract Game's Go Variants

Go Tutorials

Karl Baker's The Way to Go

Learn Go

The Interactive Way to Go - an interactive tutorial of the basics of the game, extremely good introduction

Go Programs and Servers

Igowin - free 9x9 board go program

Cosumi - browser based go program

WING (World-wide InterNet Gokaisho) - go server

Online Go Server

Go Quest Server - aimed at lower level players

KGS (Kiseido Go Server)

AGA's List of Go Servers

Assorted Go Pages

Sensei's Library - extensive collection of articles

Sensei's Go Terms

Tel's Go Notes - a nice collection of introductory essays on the game

Go Base

Go Base Go Proverbs

Harry Fearnley's Go Page

Fred Hansen's Go Page - rules, problems, other information

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