A Collection of Useful Links on the Military and Military and Security Affairs

General Information and Resources

Global Security: An extensive resource for military, intelligence and national security matters, run by consultant John Pike - particularly well known for highly detailed information on military equipment and systems

Jane's Information Group: British publishing company specialising in military, aerospace and transportation topics. One of the, if not the, most trusted sources for public and open source intelligence and information on warfare and transportation systems.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI): "SIPRI is an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament. Established in 1966, SIPRI provides data, analysis and recommendations, based on open sources, to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public."

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): International security think tank.

Global Firepower: A ranked comparative database of countries by military power.

Military History

World War 2: Very basic overview.

Actung Panzer: Extensive information of the Germany Military of World War 2

Strategy, Tactics, Organization, and General Principals Related to Military Affairs

USAF AU Military Theory and Strategy References: An extensive collection of mlitary theory and strategy references from the USAF's Air University.

News and Analysis

Strategy Page: Military news, reference, and blog page by Jim Dunnigan, military affairs consultant, analyst, author (particularyly of the book A Quick and Dirty Guide to War). Has a notable neocon bias, but is otherwise good.

Defense Update: Online defense magazine focusing on emerging technologies, asymmetric, hybrid warfare and net-centric operations. Published in Israeli, take that bias in to consideration.

Defense Tech: Military.com news and analysis site dealing with (surprise) technology.

Blogs of Interest

Ghosts of Alexander: Blog by Christian Bleuer, a PhD student at The Australian National University’s Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies focusing on Central Asian (particularly Afghan) politics, history, culture, society, government, and conflict.

Counter Terrorism Blog: "...multi-expert blog dedicated solely to counterterrorism issues, serving as a gateway to the community for policymakers and serious researchers. Designed to provide real-time information about terrorism cases and policy developments."

Graphic Firing Table: Blog of retired fire direction sergeant. Liberal bias.

Ranger Against the War: Blog of retired US special forces, CT, and Ranger. Liberal bias. As the title suggests, opposes current US wars, refered to as the "Phony War on Terror", or PWOT.

Special and Irregular Warfare Resources

SpecWar.net: Information on special warfare operations and directory of specwar, SOF, and CT units.

SpecialOperations.com: Extensive news and information on SOF and CT history, units, gear, operations,etc.

Small Wars Journal: News and analysis of "Small Wars" (low intensity conflicts, insurgencies, guerilla wars, transnational criminal and other forms of irregular warfare), intended to facilitate "the exchange of information among practitioners, thought leaders, and students of Small Wars, in order to advance knowledge and capabilities in the field". Name derives fom an old USMC Small Wars Manual. Has several very interesting clibrarys of aricles and links on the topic.

Sniper Country: Site dedicated to long range shooting, sniping, and "intended solely for the dissemination of information for lawful purposes to military and law enforcement precision riflemen, as well as interested civilian long-range precision shooting competitors".

Other Resources

Global Security's Library of US Army Field Manuals

Modern Firearms: An extensive data base of modern firearms.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Center and Library's "Law of Armed Conflict" Collection

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