Firearms Don't Cause Mass Shootings - Caplitalism Does!

There has been yet another mass murder. And, as usual, we have yet another round of calls from liberals for gun control or outright abolishment of firearms.

Firearms do not cause mass shootings and are NOT the cause of violence.

The high level of violence in the US - which is not limited to mass shootings, but also includes an epidemic level of suicide and murderous police shootings - is not caused by firearm ownership. Rather, it is caused by the underlying pathological socio-politico-economic structures and system of the US.

Gun control is "low hanging fruit". Firearms are an easy target to aim at and gun control serves as a distraction from actually looking at, understanding, and acting upon the very real and complex issues - the underlying systemic issues and problems - that are the root of such acts, while doing absolutely nothing to address them.

The vast majority of mass shooters are:
1) male
2) white
3) Christians
4) "middle class"
5) abusers with anger issues.

There are many causes for mass shootings, but the primary causes include:

Patrirchy - toxic masculinity, male fragility, and male entitlement

Alienation - social dislocation, lonerism, and lack of human connection and solidarity

A dog-eat-dog cult of the heroic individual that tells men that they are either "winners" or worthless and that getting ahead at any cost is *the* goal in life

Nihilistic and neurotic consumerism that is empty and unfulfilling

Changing demographics and economic desperation and alienation, which leads to perceived a loss of power, and in turn leads to anger, and hopelessness

Lack of universal healthcare, leading to poor access to and lack of support and mental health counseling (noting that the vast majority of the mentally ill are adamantly not a risk for causing violence, but rather at risk of being victimized)

Reactionary politics fed by conspiracy theories explaining the above.

There is one single thread running through each of these: capitalism.

You want to do something about Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland, et al?

Don't fall for feel good, easy do nothing solutions like gun control, especially when doing so will be harmful to the vulnerable. Instead, look at ending the actual causes.

A few quick side notes:

Gun control in the US has always - ALWAYS - been a racist means to disarm people of color and other marginalized people - people who are the most vulnerable to acts of violence and the least likely to commit the sorts of actions that spur these calls. Gun control targets people who are most likely to be the victims of violence perpetrated by white Christian men, who are least likely to be well served by law enforcement, and deprives them of effective means of self defense.

Currently, the police in the US murder more people in a single year than every single mass shooter for the last 50 years. If you want to put a serious dent in shooting deaths? Disarming the police rather than people of color, women, Muslims, the working class, and other marginalized people. It will be far more effective and far, far less harmful.

Finally, FUCK THE NRA. They are a corporate lobbiest group, more interested in maintaing and expanding the power of capital than in civil rights.

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Resources and Organizations

Redneck Revolt
"Redneck Revolt is a national network of community defense projects from a broad spread of political, religious, and cultural backgrounds. It is a pro-worker, anti-racist organization that focuses on working class liberation from the oppressive systems which dominate our lives. In states where it is legal to practice armed community defense, many branches choose to become John Brown Gun Clubs, training ourselves and our communities in defense and mutual aid."

Pink Pistols
We teach queers to shoot. Then we teach others that we have done so. Armed queers don’t get bashed. We change the public perception of the sexual minorities, such that those who have in the past perceived them as safe targets for violence and hateful acts — beatings, assaults, rapes, murders — will realize that that now, a segment of the sexual minority population is now armed and effective with those arms. Those arms are also concealed, so they do not know which ones are safe to attack, and which are not…which they can harm as they have in the past, and which may draw a weapon and fight back.

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