a few notes about insurgency

The argument that technology has makes insurgency is impossible is ridiculous and reveals an utter failure to understand insurgency.

The mere existance of Tanks, modern military aircraft, dones, and/or nuclear weapons does not negate asymetrical warfare.

You cannot control a country with technology.

Drones cannot maintain a police state.

Tanks cannot control a population.

Fighter jets cannot stand on the corner and enforce "no assembly edicts.

A battleship cannot kick down your door at 3 AM and search your house for contraband.

A police state is needed to subjugate and passify the people of a nation.

The weapons refered to serve one purpose: fighting other state militaries.

They are used to devastate large areas and kill large amounts of people at once.

The government certainly may kill all of it's own people and destroy it's own infrastructure.

However, those are the very things they need to tyrannize in the first place.

Should the president decide to glass everything outside of Washington DC, it would defeat the purpose.

What maintains the police state?

Boots on the ground. Warm bodies

It is vital that the government maintains it's monopoly on arms while civilians have nothing, because no matter how many police there are, they will always be vastly outnumbered by civilians.

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