Technology Overview:
The technology available varies greatly from location to location depending on the amount of infrastructure surviving from before the cataclysms and on the local levels of magic. Technology is limited in many ways by the influence and interference of magic (known as paradox). The degree of interference from paradox depends on the proximity to high levels of magic. Generally, available technology has stabilized into five distinct levels of technology with another special level - arcplex tech, city tech, industrial tech, simple tech, basic tech, and Kren Tal tech. While the principles for higher levels of technology may be understood, paradox prevents them from working or being widely achieved.

Arcplex Tech (AT)/Level IV:
Arcplex tech is the pre Cataclysms level of technology, available exclusively in arcplexes. Most of it is very complex technology, roughly equvalent to Old Earth around 2100. While the principles and theories are still understood, in many cases the detailed understanding and capacity to reproduce it was lost. Because of this, it is almost always generally irreproducable. However, autofacs and some arcplexes are still capable of manufacturing and producing goods at this level. The supply of said goods is limited by several factors. Some common technologies include power cells, large fusion plants, strong lightweight synthetic materials, extensive automation, biologically engineered vat grown foodstuffs and chemical stocks, and quantum computing with weak dedicated, non-volitional artificial intelligence,advanced surgery, advanced pharmacuticals.

City Tech (CT)/Level III:
City tech is the current common level of technology available in larger cities outside higher magical areas. It is roughly the equivalent of Old Earth in the early twentieth century - 1910-1945. This represents what can sustainably be manufactured by today's society. Some common technologies include alcohol fueled internal combustion powered vehicles, airships, mechanization, extensive use of steel in construction, smokeless powder, assault rifles, canned foods, incandesent lighting, mechanized agriculture, mechanical computers, basic surgery, antibiotics, highly mechanized factories with assembly lines, urban electrification.

Industrial Tech (IT)/Level II:
Industrial Tech is an intermediate level of technology available outside of major cities and particularly in intermediate magic areas. It is roughly the equivalent of Old Earth in the mid to late nineteenth century - 1850-1890. Some common technologies include advanced black powder weapoins, coal fueled steam power, gas light, the telegraph, primitive surgery, mechanized factories.

Simple Tech (ST)/Level I:
Simple tech is rather primitive technology available in areas of higher magic, as it tends to interefer with magic as little as possible, In general, it is the Old Earth equivalent of the late Renaissance - 1500 to 1750. Some common technologies include simple black powder weapons, cast iron, homespun cloth, oil lamps, steel hand weapons, wind power, crop rotation, fast horse coaches, basic surgery, .

Basic Tech (BT)/Level 0:
Basic Tech is the most primitive technology and all that operates in areas with the highest level of magic. In general, it is equivalent to Old earth in the bronze age. Some common technologies include writing, homespun cloth, candles, bronze hand weapons, basic agriculture, pottery, wheeled carts, and water power.

Kren Tal Tech (KT)/Level V: Kren Tal tech is the technology of the Kren Tal. It is far in advance of the most advanced human technology and is not really understood. Kren Tal tech is characterized by it's resistance to damage and to magic. It is known that Kren Tal tech does not rely on magic. The two most well known examples of Kren Tal tech are the Kren Tal warrens and the black roads.