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One of the oldest and most well known RPGs around. Traveller is a (relatively) hard science fiction RPG first published by Game Designer's Workshop in 1977.

General Resources

Far Future Enterprises - publisher, sucessor to GDW

Mongoose Traveller - licensed publisher of Traveller

Traveller 5

The Traveller SRD

Mongoose's Traveller SRD

The Traveller Map

Traveller Library Data

Traveller RPG Wiki

Freelance Traveller

The Zhodani Base

British Isles Traveller Support (BITS)

The Great TML Landgrab

Amber Zone


Citizens of the Imperium

Mongoose Publishing's Traveller forum

SJGames GURPS Traveller Subforum


Traveller RPG Facebook Page

Classic Traveller Facebook Page

Blogs and Other Websites

Yet Another Traveller Blog

Mark Munson's Traveller Page

Downport Web Portal

Epic Saving Throw's Traveller Material

Epic Saving Throw's Fast Traveller 2.0 - The Traveller Universe at a Glance

Traveller Central

High Tortuga - piracy focused

Halfway Station Blog - 2nd version of Andy Slack's (long time writer on Traveller) old Traveller page

Halfway Station 3.0 - - 2nd version of Andy Slack's old Traveller page

Stuff Online

Beowolf Down

Traveller Tools - several assorted generator tools

Traveller Illustrated

The Reavers' Deep Project

The Traveller Republic

Imperial Interstellar Scout Service

United Worlds Commonwealth

Waystar High Port

David Billinghurst's Traveller Page

Cynthia's Traveller Archive

Gearhead and Proud

MegaTrave Materials

Kasota Base

Space Vermin

Draconis Cluster

Missouri Archive

Paolo Marino's Traveller Page

David Blustein's Traveller Page

Mark Marchi's Traveller Page

The Cluster Campaign

Used Starships - a campaign website

Dream Ticket - mercenary based Traveller and Striker material

Collection of Signal GK fanzine

Welcome to the Carnival

Frontier Explorer

My Traveller Universe

Traveller CT Blog

Spinward Scout's Way Sytation

Traveller High Society

Ancient Faith in the Far Future

Traveller out of the Box

Across The Spinward Main

Traveller News Service (SJGames)

Shan's New Traveller Archive

Traveller Infodata Library

Great Dungeon of the North

Traveller Tools and Generators

Word Generator - generates words in various Traveller alien languages (currently broken link)

Subsector Generator

Donjon's System Generator

Phil's System Generator

Zhodani Space Generators

Vandeet's Ref Tools - assorted Traveller (and other SF game) tools

T-5 System Generator

Traveller Character Generators



Mongoose 1st ed.

1,000,001 Characters - Cepheus Engine Character Generator

Publishers, Plus Some Assorted Retailers

Far Future Enterprises - publisher, sucessor to GDW

Mongoose Traveller - licensed publisher of Traveller

Traveller 5

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